a woman on the bed

Sex has been known to be a vital aspect of every relationship that requires physical bonding. Unfortunately, because of this general belief, many traditional people assume that sex is more of an obligation rather than a source of pleasure. As a result, many couples in the world have to go through a plain marriage or relationship as sex is only perceived to be a reproduction-related duty. It is indeed a misleading statement. Of course, hot and steamy nights with your partner and great foreplay leading to better orgasms are what they need to be emotionally closer to their partner.

As sexual intimacy becomes a vital part of any relationships, it should be a common thing for couples to constantly try to find a way to improve their sex life. Inviting your partner to watch Xvideos will be a great starter. However, some people have to go through unfortunate experiences as they stop having sex. The reasons vary. It can either be divorce, separation, or a dull marriage. One thing to note is that this condition can lead to several health issues.


People need to have excellent stress management since it is impossible to avoid tension sources. Especially for city dwellers where tensions are constant, having an effective method to relax and release all the tensions seem compelling. Sex is one effective way that people can always depend on. However, not all people are fortunate enough to be able to have sex regularly. It is not an exaggeration to say that stress and anxiety are the first two adverse effects after one stops having sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is known to trigger the production of happiness hormones that can help manage stress better. The sudden absence of hormones can lead to stressful conditions that lead to anxiety. Some people even need to see a psychiatrist because of this case.

Bad Memories

Another thing that can happen to your body if you stop having sexual intercourse is bed memories. Studies show that those who have an active sexual life tend to be better at remembering past events and more details. If you think that it is the only brain-related effect, you need to know that constant bad memories can lead to other neuron issues. Of course, it is not only about a matter of being forgetful. Instead, an active and happy sexual relationship with your partner can boost your brain functions.