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Sex is pleasurable. Besides those immediate pleasures that come with feeling intimate, it also offers a variety of benefits that are beyond the bedroom. The benefits of having sex range from having an excellent workout to reducing your risk of a heart attack. Whether you have it with your partner or just follar gratis en pamplona, commonly referred to as or a casual encounter, with someone you just met at the cinema, here are some health benefits of sex.

Helps Burn Calories

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Like other physical activities, sex helps burn calories. Sex engaging multiple muscle groups and improves yourpulse rate. These two effects are essential in helping the body burn more calories than those that would have been used while watching TV. Of course, this does not mean that sex should replace your workout sessions but is undoubtedly an excellent way to burn those extra calories and lead a healthy life.

Good for Your Immune System

Do you know that having more sex equals having less sick days? Studies conducted on people who lead sexually active lives and those who do not reveal that sex improve your immunity. Engaging in sex stimulates your body to produce protective antibodies that protect our body against common pathogens and viruses. An active sex life, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, will see you have string defense against common or opportunistic ailments.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Sex can prevent or lower high blood pressure. Thus, if you suffer from high blood pressure, active sexual life can be an essential antidote to high blood pressure. Studies confirm that sex plays a crucial role in reducing your systolic blood pressure (the first figure that appears in a blood pressure test). This, however, does not mean that sex can replace those drugs that are used to lower high blood pressure.

Improves Quality of Sleep

bra and condomsSex makes you sleep better, research findings show. When having sex, an orgasm stimulates the production of a hormone known as prolactin. This hormone is a natural sleep aid, and its presence on your system will see you sleep better. Besides sleep, it also creates a feeling of relaxation, which makes it easy for you to fall asleep.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Sex is good for the heart. This implies that you might better your cardiovascular health without stepping out of your bedroom. Sex not only workouts the muscles of your heart, but it also reduces the risk of suffering from a heart attack. Having it more often, therefore, means that you have little to worry about the incidence of heart attacks.