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Welcome to the Peer to Peer Website. This Website was created to support the implementation of the Stop, Think, Be Safe! intervention—an STD prevention intervention for youth ages 12 to 15. The site is designed to provide youth, parents, and teachers with up-to-date information about STDs and effective strategies for prevention. It includes facts about STDs, answers to frequently asked questions, links to additional resources, games, and much more!

The Peer to Peer project is a multi-faceted STD education and prevention program targeting youth ages 12 to 15. Components of the program include the:

  • Stop, Think, Be Safe! Video (developed with ongoing input from a youth development team and including animated segments to provide more information on a variety of STDs);
  • Comprehensive resource guide (a video supplement with activities designed to further increase knowledge, positive attitudes, healthy intentions, and self-efficacy among youth);
  • Stop, Think, Be Safe! Website (designed to provide up-to-date information for youth, parents, and teach about STDs and effective strategies for prevention).
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